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    Vortex and MOTV, the vision is clear!

    Maximum Outdoors TV is pleased to announce it’s partnership with one of the best optics companies in the industry…Vortex Optics.  With hi..

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    Maximum Outdoors TV adds a new partner!

    Covert Cameras will be hanging in the MOTV deer and turkey woods this year.  We are pleased to have partnered with a company who’s product we&..

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    Brad's Illinois Bruiser

      Brad Sharbowski and Curtis Smigill lay down a great Illinois Deer.  

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    Steve Noble Caps Off The Northern Safar..

    The Final Chapter…it’s 6:15 am, Chris and Steve kick the door open on the truck. The soles of our boots swing out and strike the Saskatche..

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    Chris Garza Gets Himself On The "Booner..

    A chase between predator and prey has ended. A chase that started 3 days ago with Steve spotting this Elk looking creature, putting a stalk on, only t..

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    Chris Garza...Moose Mania in Saskatchew..

    MOOSE DOWN!!! In Saskatchewan. Our adventure has taken us 30 hours away from our families, jobs, and normal everyday life. Our hope in doing so…..

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    Steve Noble Puts Down A "Booner"

    MULE DEER DOWN IN SASKATCHEWAN. We came here for a unique experience. We came here to push our boundaries as hunters and to unveil a new hunting exper..

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    "Fingers" Drops..MOTV on the rise!

    Chris Garza lays down the biggest deer to date on film for the Maximum Outdoors crew.

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    Game Keeping In Illinois

    Chris Garza gets Maximum Outdoors TV on the board in Illinois with a mature whitetail that was on our “hit list”. Our hats off to Chris ..

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    Maximum Outdoors TV-The Sportsmen Chann..

    Maximum Outdoor TV is primed to take on the national networks this January as they invade the Sportsmen Channel.

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    Maximum Outdoors Productions

    Contact us for all of your production and marketing needs. Maximum Outdoors is fully equipped with the best equipment available and the creative eye..

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    The Canadian Invasion

    Update Ontario, Day 5: Hour 26 on stand has quickly crept up on Chris and Steve, only to find the temperatures continuing to rise, the beads of sweat..

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    2013 Quad Shoot Out...The Golf Scramble

    The Quad Shoot Out…Garza ripping a drive across several fairways

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    Check out our newly updated SEASON JOURNAL located at the bottom of our page. Our journal takes you through our hunting season from 2012 to the prese..

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Vortex and MOTV, the visi..


Maximum Outdoors TV is pleased to announce it’s partnership with one of the best optics companies in the industry…Vortex Optics.  With high quality glass provided in optics products ranging from binoculars, spotting scopes, rifle scopes, and rangefinders…hunters have some of the b..

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