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Steve Noble Caps Off The ..


The Final Chapter…it’s 6:15 am, Chris and Steve kick the door open on the truck. The soles of our boots swing out and strike the Saskatchewan soil for the last hunt of the trip. The rifle is pulled from the case and lands softly on the shoulder. With one tug on the bill of the camo laden..

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@ MaximumOutdoors Posted: 19 hours ago

How do you stay warm in the tree... We believe in the Heater Body Suit, Inc!!!

@ MaximumOutdoors Posted: 1 day ago

!!! DUCK || GOOSE HUNTERS!!! How do you stack up the Snow Geese you kill!! Post up a picture to show us how many...

@ MaximumOutdoors Posted: 2 days ago

Dead Down Wind Wednesday!!! We love it!! Do you have any secret tips when it comes to staying scent free?